I’m a London-based mainly motion designer, creative, occasional director and artist  — passionate about storytelling, flexible design systems, kinetic typography, expressive visual identities, abstract animation, art direction, cinematography, and still photography.

I like playing with the borders between graphic design, 2D, 3D, digital worlds seamlessly blending with live action or handcrafted techniques, and experimental filmmaking.

Working remotely on commissions, and alongside large scale projects with teams at design studios, agencies, and production houses.
Such as — Nowness, Dazed, Man Vs Machine, Made Thought, Builders Club, Tomorrow Bureau, B.A.M, LAW Magazine, Studio Moross, Winkreative, Pavillion Works, Agile Films, LCS Studio, MindsEye, Wieden+Kennedy, BBH, CFH, Quentin Jones, and Studio Private.

Often can be found working alongside, or taking a break in local bakeries with: hidden-agency.com

A selection clients of I’ve worked with —
Burberry, Apple, Nike, Gucci, Wallpaper*, The Spice Girls, Griff, Def Leppard, Hem, Studio Canal, Curzon, Spotify, and many more.

My creative practice is called ‘Big Balcony’, see more projects here — www.bigbalcony.studio

Always open for new work opportunities, and collaborations. Let's get a delicious sparkling, or still water together soon.

Get in touch: